On the following pages, you will find the three projects that I've created for the gateway course of the Sweetland Minor in Writing. The first, "Why I Write," is a testament to my development as a writer. It is a reflective look into what compells me to write and where I believe I stand as a writer. The second project, "Repurposing," investigates a life-long fascination of mine: my father's loss of his native language, Farsi. To contextualize this investigation, I use the podcast, Radiolab, as an outlet. For project two, I wrote an extended blog post modeled after those featured on their websiteI continued the exploration for the third project, "Remediation," by creating a Radiolab podcast that takes a deeper and more hollistic look into the forgotten language. The podcast elaborates on the condition while incorporating real, recorded converations to add emotional depth to the piece.


Please begin by clicking on the page entitled "Why I Write."



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